Vol 20, No 2 (2000)

Table of Contents

From the Editors

From the Editors PDF


Informal Logic: An Overview PDF
J. Anthony Blair, Ralph H. Johnson
Informal Logic and its Implications for Philosophy PDF
Nicolas Maudet, Alec Fisher
The Place of Informal Logic in Philosophy PDF
James B. Freeman
The Significance of Informal Logic for Philosophy PDF
David Hitchcock
How Philosophical is Informal Logic? PDF
John Woods

Critical Reviews

Logic and Misery: Walton's Appeal to Pity PDF
Hans Vilhelm Hansen

Book Reviews

Brutian's Logic, Language and Argumentation in Projection of Philosophical Knowledge PDF
Juhani Pietarinen, Juho Ritola
Fearnside's About Thinking PDF
Maureen Linker
Tindale's Acts of Arguing: A Rhetorical Model of Argument PDF
J. Anthony Blair

Teaching Supplement

From The Editor PDF
Claude Gratton
Problems and Useful Techniques: My Experiences in Teaching Courses in Argumentation, Informal Logic and Critical Thinking PDF
Douglas Walton
Testing the Validity of Conditional Arguments Using Physical Models PDF
Ron Leonard

In Memoriam

Rob Grootendorst, 1944 - 2000 PDF
Henry W. Johnstone, Jr., 1920 - 2000 PDF